The intelligent co-pilot for sales organisations

Recoro understands sales conversations just like a human – helping your sales teams to win more deals, increase customer insights and build long-lasting relationships.


Helping your customer facing B2B sales teams to excel in video calls

Higher quality with less work

Real-time call transcriptions

Focus on what really matters during video calls – your prospects! 

Receive high quality insights directly after sales interactions, without waiting time:

  • Detailed conversation transcriptions in more than 20+ languages
  • Identified conversation topics
  • Highlighted key moments of your sales calls

unique insights

Conversation analytics

Objective data & insights on sales performance and your prospects!

Receive unique conversation insights on your teams sales interactions with prospects: 

  • Transparent sales performance data
  • Identified optimization potentials
  • New data to improve sales funnel steering

Targeted Conversation Training

Data-driven coaching

The individual coaching you really need to step up your sales game!

Receive individual coaching tips on a continuous basis to establish long lasting training effects: 

  • Tailored training tips for sales reps
  • Based on individual needs
  • Continuous learning experience


We integrate into your favourite tools

Now worries, you don´t have to move to a new video conferencing platform!

We integrate into popular solutions, such as Microsoft Teams and your favourite CRM systems.


What you get

Real-time sales assistant

Conversation analytics


Individual coaching

Dashboards & reports

Updates & fixes

Cloud services

Flexible integration


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